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Nilit Aquarius® is a single-threaded, high performance, designed to absorb moisture and designed to ensure users feel dry and comfortable. Aquarius® is a new innovation in nylon 6.6. The moisture absorbed by fibers makes of wet clothes being heavy and very uncomfortable. The active lifestyles of nowadays, require clothing to cope with stress in order to help maintain and keep the user comfortable.

Like his namesake astrology, Aquarius, water bearer, Aquarius® transports moisture from the skin through the fabric towards the outside. The fibers are very well adapted to all kinds of sportswear, activewear and dancewear.

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For durability, versatility and reliability, Cordura offers activewear, outerwear, work clothes and apparel. Through a wide range of apparel applications, users will benefit from the lightweight durability of Cordura. It's designed to live and built to last, providing exceptional resistance to wear.

Cordura is a high performance fabric, a super-resistant material in a wide variety of quality products. The combination of durability, aesthetics, high performance and convenience is what drives clothing brands and most respected retailers to choose Cordura. Fabrics that provides all the benefits of lightweight, but with exceptional durability.

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Supplex® fabrics offer consumers the feeling of cotton with the benefits of advanced technology polyamide.

Consumers everywhere like the look and feeling of cotton. Its natural texture and aesthetics makes it the fabric of choice by the majority. But even cotton has shortcomings, as clothes tend to wrinkle, shrink and fade colors. So scientists have enhanced nature by developing Supplex, fabric, a family that combines the traditional appeal of cotton and the performance benefits of modern fiber technology from polyamide.

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