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Coolmax® Air

COOLMAX® AIR fibers are engineered with a patented “propeller” shape able to produce fabrics with excellent moisture management. This performance is accomplished thanks to the fiber’s patented cross-section as well as fabric construction and finishing that results in outstanding AIR PERMEABILITY.

This is accomplished through the propeller cross-section. The wicking channels within the fiber and between fiber yarns quickly move sweat to the surface of the garment where it is evaporated.

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Thermolite® provides warmth and comfort without weight, even when wet. It's the best lightweight fabric that offer great power and performance

...because it is made with empty core fibers that trap air and create a layer with greater isolation. Thermolite® is the perfect layering fabric because it's comfortable and lightweight, allowing more freedom of movement. Hollow fiber technology provides better warmth in a lighter weight. The larger surface area due to the microfiber ensures rapid evaporation.

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Coolmax® is a high tech yarn designed specifically and exclusively to keep the user dry and comfortable. Invista designed a polyester fiber with a surface increased.

The six channel section form a transport system that pulls moisture from the skin to the outer layer of the tissue. Then it dries faster due to the greater surface in contact with the outside. Originally developed to meet the demanding needs of major class athletes, today Coolmax® fabrics are used for all kind of parts such as sportswear, intimate apparel, workwear, prêt-à-porter ...

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Feeling too hot or too cold? We've all experienced these two extremes. During the day or during a particular activity and have suffered the negative aspects on comfort and performance. It might be due to a change in the activity intensity or weather conditions

Invista engineers have created a single thread for fabric and clothing that offers technical performance. The heat when you are cold and cooling when you are hot. Thermo°Cool® is designed to optimize the body's natural abilities through thermoregulation. providing evaporative cooling or thermo-buffering in accordance with the users requirements. This makes ThermoºCool™ as intelligent fiber.

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How it works?

Moisture evaporates faster thanks to its unique blend of fibers. The fibers are designed to provide increased surface evaporation. The multi-channel fiber surface provides an excellent moisture transport. Furthermore, the hollow fibers allow air to improve circulation and concentrate the energy in the process of evaporation. The hollow fibers in the fabric, which provide a lightweight material and "thermo-buffering" protect the user from temperature changes.

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