To ensure maximum performance, Lavtec presents its high performance fabrics. Responding to the most demanding markets, we offer a range of solutions where our standards are the highest quality and the maximum performance.

Our goal is always to use the best and latest technologies to help our customers improve their sport skills. Each of the series carries a concept but all of them help to ensure your comfort and enhance your performance.

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Dry lavSeries

Dry lavSeries is a family of fabrics designed to ensure a successful moisture management. In different forms and compositions, fabrics in this series offer us the chance to keep the body dry giving optimum comfort for maximum performance conditions.

Coolmax ®

This is chosen to ensure the quality expected in this family. The hexachannel section generates channels that evacuates efficiently the perspiration.

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To achieve moisture control in the Polyamide, we opted for a fiber with a section consisting of lobes, which create channels for transporting sweat.

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Warm lavseries

Thermolite ® is the fiber used to keep the body at the optimum temperature to achieve comfort in situations where low temperatures are our worst enemy. The hollowy section of the fiber creates an air chamber that isolates us from the outside.

In all types of fabrics, Thermolite ensures exceptional thermal characteristics combined with very light fabrics. Presented with a soft brush or elastic fabric our product will meet the most demanding mountaineer.

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extreme lavSeries

A new fabric concept that highlights our ability to innovate in sport textiles.

Extreme lavSeries uses new yarn, with ThermoºCool ® we add a third dimension that has never been achieved so far: thermoregulation.

With double yarn section, we summarize the two main features necessary for sport fabrics: moisture management and thermal protection.

Thermoregulation avoids thermal peaks and valleys.

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polar lavseries

The family gathers fabrics with different composition, each having as its main feature, being brushed fabric. Our highly polished increases the thermal properties for both tissues Thermolite ® or ThermoºCool ®.

With different finishes (like antipilling) and different weights, this family of fabrics bring an extra element of heating.

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strong lavSeries

This family presents fabrics with maximum durability. Fabrics designed to have a long life in extreme adverse and friction conditions, a property that only Strong lavSeries can provide.To ensure these benefits Cordura ® and ThermoºCool ® yarns have been used.

As in all other lavSeries, we believe that comfort can not compromise our fabric performance. The fabrics presented in this serie offer high toughness with the best comfort...

A concept that has not ever met before.

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