Lavtec Fabric was founded by engineers and product developers. Only with these profiles could we offer our product range.

Lavtec Group is a young and fresh new business, but we have not appeared from nowhere. We are the product of more than 80 years of history in textiles. Lavtec is the necessity to reinvent the business and the culmination of a radical generational change. Founded in 2010, our new ideas appear in the textile business like fresh water, creating products for sport, military, and workwear. But we never forget our genetics and continue offering fashion.

Since 2017, we’ve embraced an exciting chapter by becoming part of the Santanderina Group, igniting our potential and propelling us towards even greater heights in innovation and excellence.


To satisfy the most dynamic market, we provide lots of different kind of products for all different kind of athletes.


FR products developed to protect the user and meet the requirements of companies and organizations


Resistant and comfortable products designed for the most important forces, companies and organizations

Quality Policy

The primary objective of Lavtec is to provide our products and services with the optimal quality level, on time delivery and a competitive price, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers’ expectations.

All activities necessary to achieve this goal must be made not only met, but as far as possible beyond the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and other specific requirements signed by the organization, both in quality and product safety , taking into account the preservation of the environment, and preventing the contamination.

Quality assurance of our products allow us to meet the needs and requirements of our clients reach their approval under the best conditions, keep buying their loyalty, and increase the likelihood of opening new markets. We will also have to allow access to certifications, approvals and quality marks. The renewal and maintenance of technologies, facilities, and other means of production, together with the spirit of innovation and continuous improvement, driving us to provide the best solutions to the needs of our customers, and to be undisputed experts in the market. The personal commitment and contribution of everyone in Lavtec are critical to achieve the objectives as they all have responsibility for the quality.

The Division undertakes Lavtec to the company staff, customers and society, to maintain systems of quality management based on the highest benchmark. It also undertakes to make the necessary effort and devote all possible resources to develop our common goal: Customer satisfaction, the company staff, suppliers and the environment and the society in which its activities are developed.

Environmental Policy

Lavtec ensures compliance with all applicable laws and regulations for ecological and environmental protection. we also guarantee the use of appropriate resources to reduce energy

consumption and waste production by implementing measures that minimize the environmental impact of the activities of the company.
Our priority will be to design new products that allow production with minimum labor and environmental pollution risk. We commit to continuously measure the effects on health, job security and the environment that our products, production processes and waste may cause.

We are also compromised to report to the administration, workers and the community of all the risks that our products and facilities can produce for health, job security and the environment and to implement protection measures.

We will work with our suppliers, both of goods and raw materials, to improve their procedures in relation to the environment. We also offer adequate information and training to all staff of the company to develop and implement good environmental practices.

The direction of the company, at the highest level, assumes all commitments announced on these principles and seek the necessary resources for compliance.