Cookies policy

As website owner, LAVTECFABRICS SA informs you that storing and recovering data devices (called “cookies”) may be used during user browsing in this website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files downloaded from browser on your computer to access certain websites and storing your computer IP address and other browsing information.

In general, cookies are used to store and recover information on users’ or their devices browsing habits, register login details, or analyse users’ preferences or customizable browsing settings.

What types of cookies are used on this website and what are they used for?

Generally and according to the Guide on the use of cookies, released by the Spanish Data Protection Agency, cookies may be grouped into three categories as follows: managing entity, storage time, and purpose.

Depending on the managing entity

First party cookies: cookies sent to the user’s device from the device managed by the website owner, from which the service is provided to the user.
Third party cookies: cookies sent to the user’s device from a device not managed by the website owner, but by a third party.
Depending on storage time

Session cookies: cookies that gather and store information during the user access to the website, and disappear or are deleted once the browsing session is finished.
Persistent cookies: cookies that keep the data stored in the device that can be accessed to by the organization responsible for the cookie during a fixed period of time.
Depending on their purpose

  • Technical cookies: cookies that allow the user to browse a website, and use the different settings and services it provides.
  • Analytical cookies: cookies that allow to track and analyse website users’ behaviour so that a browsing profile can be developed and the website activity can be measured.
  • Personalization cookies: cookies that allow users to access services with certain general personalized features according to the user’s device criteria (for example, type of browser).
  • Advertising cookies: cookies that enable the management of the advertising spaces included on the website by its owner.
  • Behavioural advertising cookies: cookies that store information on users’ browsing habits, so that the advertising is targeted to them according to their interests.
    In connection with the use of cookies in this website, you are informed by LAVTECFABRICS SA of the use of first and third party cookies. Some of them do not require users’ consent or are exempt from such a consent, as are not included in the fulfilment of the obligations referred to in article 22 of LSSI on users’ information and consent. Furthermore, this website may also use cookies requiring users’ information and consent.

The list below shows the cookies specifically downloaded and used by this website.

Cookie nameCookie typeWho provides the cookie?Cookie purpose
OwnSession control
MultiplePersistentgoogle.comSecurity and analytics

Consent revocation and cookies removal

Pursuant to article 22 of LSSI, LAVTECFABRICS SA informs you of the option to change your browser settings to allow, block, delete, or disable the cookies stored in your device by customising the options provided by your device browser. If you do not allow cookies in your browser, some of the sections or functions of this website may be not be accessible. Please click on the following links we provide you with, depending on the browser you use, in order to change the settings and disable or manage cookies download.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari web
  • Safari IOS

Cookies policy update

LAVTECFABRICS SA reserves the right to update this Cookies policy in order to fulfil legal or technical requirements. On this basis, we recommend you to revise this Cookies Policy regularly in order to get proper information on the cookies used by this website and their purposes.