Introducing the GALIBIER series, a collection of advanced performance fabrics engineered to elevate your experience across a range of outdoor activities. Designed with versatility in mind, GALIBIER fabrics are crafted for peak performance in cycling, running, and hiking. Featuring exceptional breathability, moisturewicking capabilities, and UV protection, GALIBIER maximizes your experience during every adventure.

With its flexible and stretchable designs, GALIBIER fabrics offer unrestricted movement, allowing you to push your limits and perform at your best. Whether you’re navigating challenging terrain or sprinting towards the finish line, GALIBIER keeps you comfortable and focused with temperature regulation
technology that adapts to changing conditions, ensuring optimal comfort in all environments.

In addition to its performance-enhancing qualities, GALIBIER fabrics are aerodynamically optimized to minimize drag and maximize efficiency, helping you shave seconds off your time and reach new heights in your athletic pursuits.

Whether you’re cycling up mountain passes, hitting the trails, or powering through your daily run, trust GALIBIER to optimize your performance and enhance your outdoor experience.


  • UV Protection:
    Provides protection against harmful UV rays, ensuring skin safety during prolonged outdoor

  • Optimized moisture management:
    Multiple cross-section designs optimize moisture management, ensuring dryness and

  • Enhanced breathability:
    Engineered with multi-section constructions, our fabrics promote airflow and ventilation,
    maintaining a cool and fresh feel even during extended wear in various environments.

  • Lightweight:
    Utilizes lightweight materials for essential support and comfort, allowing you to push your
    limits with ease.

  • Aerodynamic optimization:
    Optimized to minimize drag and maximize efficiency, enhancing performance in athletic


We offer a range of solutions where our standards are the highest quality and the maximum performance.