RANGER series

Harnessing cutting-edge technologies for unparalleled performance. Our Ranger fabrics are crafted from a variety of specialised polyesters, incorporating innovative features to maximise technical properties.

Our fabrics utilise Propeller and six-channel cross-section designs to optimise moisture management, ensuring efficient wicking capabilities even in the most demanding conditions. Additionally, our fabrics combine multi-section constructions to further enhance overall performance. Each fabric in the Ranger series also includes silver ions for added bacteriostatic functionality.

What sets our Ranger collection apart is our commitment to sustainability, all fabrics are made with recycled polyester certified by GRS (Global Recycled Standard).

With applications ranging from police and security forces to rescue operations and outdoor sports garments, the Ranger series offers unmatched performance and durability for professionals and athletes alike.


  • Advanced Moisture Management:
    Our Ranger fabrics utilize specialized polyester constructions with Propeller and six-channel designs, efficiently wicking moisture away from the body and ensuring quick drying to keep you comfortable during intense activities.

  • Enhanced Breathability:
    Engineered with multi-section constructions, our fabrics promote airflow and ventilation, maintaining a cool and fresh feel even during extended wear in various environments.

  • Odor Control Technology:
    Infused with silver ions, our Ranger fabrics prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, ensuring long-lasting freshness and confidence throughout your day.

  • Sustainable Performance:
    Crafted from GRS-certified recycled polyester, our fabrics offer high-performance functionality while reducing environmental impact, supporting both your active lifestyle and eco-conscious values.


We offer a range of solutions where our standards are the highest quality and the maximum performance.